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Toil of a Woman

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Stuck between self and societal norm

Like the moon and stars shinning in the plain sky

A shadow of man 

Like a rose existing only with a growing prong

Journey rickety like an airbus 

Up in the air still lost

Do I belong? 

Doubts exist like webs formed in her nest

Light dimmed; worth diminished 

Bars set by egotistical maniacs 

Existing as trophies earned and left to collect dust

Only drawn out for earthly glorification

Hail the Lord of the rings! 

Oh, hail thee Thanos!

Born a lioness 

Crown shaped like a thorn full of teeth 

Intended for piercing through life

Forced to hide her strength 

Hiding from trophy hunters

Like the sun told when to shine

Like the moon told when to go to bed

Yes master, you called

You go there! You wear this! You act this way!

Hey maid! Yes, you called

Call and response dialogue

Only way her voice is heard

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